Occupation: The General Secretary of Eastern Paiwan Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. http://english.pct.org.tw/

Wuhua Paqaliyus had won the election of her City to the citizen representative for the next 4 years.

  1. What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission?

My first connection with Mission 21 came from the message that was informed by Rev. Siong-bi Lian, the secretary of our Women’s Ministry Committee of The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. She is the one who encourages me to apply for the Advocacy Training of Trainer (ToT) in Basel and Geneva in 2018 

  1. What have been your contributions to the empowerment of women?

I used to lead a bible study workshop that through the eyes of women to see and learn the characters of the Women in the Bible; and based on the scriptures we read, we made the action plans back to our place to teach and to practice.

  1. Why do you think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations?

We, human beings, are created by God as a collective not an individual. Moreover, based on the teaching of Creation of our Christian faith, women and men are equal in front of God. Therefore, this is why I think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations, because we are been given the responsibility by our God in eliminating the all forms of discrimination against human beings. And on this matter, men are the significant team workers to women instead of opponents.

Wuhua teaching us a song and dance in the context of ToT Advocacy program, June 2018