Occupation: Teacher in Theology

1. What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission?

My first connection with Mission 21 was in 1997 when I studied at Bossey Ecumenical Institute and in 2004 when I studied in San Francisco, USA. They assisted me with some books and other things.

2. What have been your contributions to the empowerment of women?

I help organizing Workshops for women and Gender issues. Contributed in organized EYN (Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria, the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria) female Theologians. Bringing together women of like mind. Assisted in sourcing scholarship for women who are pursuing theological education.

3. Why do you think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations?

It is important because in Nigeria our society is a patriarchal society. This affects even the faith based organizations as their structures are all patriarchal. To start from the church of based organizations is a hope for us in Nigeria. It is a hope to break some of the structures and allow women to be empowered and it will help in stopping discrimination against women.