Occupation: Part time Coordinator for the task force of Communion Churches in Indonesia (CCI/PGI) advocacy program on migrant worker. This program is supported by Mission 21. Student of Gender at the University in Indonesia with the Thesis topic on female migrant workers issue.

1) What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission?

The first time I heard about Mission 21 was when I was working at the Women Desk of Communion Churches in Indonesia (CCI/PGI), where Mission 21 has been supporting several programs, such as trainings for women commission of churches member of CCI, scholarships for female pastors, etc. However, the intensive connection with Mission 21 occurred when I was appointed as Centre in-charge to manage the shelter for domestic migrant workers in Hong Kong. The shelter project was funded by Mission 21.

2) What have been your contributions to the empowerment of women?

I have been involved voluntarily as General Secretary of YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) since 2001 until April 2015. Through YWCA, we tried to provide a safe space where women, particularly young women, feel free to learn, share and gain knowledge related to gender awareness and social issues that influence women’s life.

3) Why do you think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations?

The empowerment of women is one of the most important keys in order to achieve an equal and fair world. In many ways women are considered more subordinate than men, even by faith based organization. The way FBO interpret the scripture is based on patriarchal traditions that create unfairness for women. Therefore, the empowerment of women is a must so they know their rights and fight for justice and for a better world for all.